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09:34pm 26/01/2004
mood: blah
OKaaaay....I agree that this layout needs help...Mine does too but I can't find time...hmmmmm....
Newayz, dude, I joined and if y'all want a icon for the community I will 'elp ya. I may take a while though....


(Don't take down my fan)

11:32am 08/09/2002
mood: peaceful
Hey everyone, I'm Sam, the kooky one. Anyway, I wanna join because I like to helllpppppp......ANYWAYS!

I'm gonna help our...creator here work on the lay out because it looks....bad right now. xD Not REALLY bad but...bad. xD

*throws a deer head out the window* HWHAHAH!

.....Hey, if we're the first two does that mean we're kinda like the hostesses?? GAHHHHKKKKK...ALEX AND PAIGE??? :O

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Home Sweet Home!  
11:25am 08/09/2002
mood: giddy
Ahhhhh, okay! I'm Mar, (AKA Auddie) the creator of this community! :D Just wanted to give everybody a head's up, and start first, so the huge blank space in this community wouldn't frightened anybody and were too shy to join.

Don't be afraid of the layout now for this journal! I had to be quick and speedy with it, and it WILL be changed later! I just wanted to get it done with, and fix it later. :) xD! So the black and green make it look something from 'Invader Zim,' but not to fret! IT WILL BE BETTER!

Hope all you people design to join and request or volunteer to help! We need all we can get. xD

P.S...if there is anybody that would be so kind to make a signature icon for this community, it would be great. I will be willing to give credit to the artist. Thanks!

(Don't take down my fan)